Albania P-62 / 100 Leke 1996 – UNC




Issued by Banka e Shqiperise
Period Fourth Republic (1990-date)
Size 130 x 66 mm
Printer Thomas De La Rue & Company, Limited (England) – TDLR
Signatures Kristaq Luniku (Govenor) & Gёzim Dervishi (Director of Department of Issue)
Put into circulation 11.07.1997
Front Politician, writer, and prominent figure of National Movement Fan Stylian Noli (1882-1965), stylised blazing torch in the background.
Reverse Logo of the Pan-Albanian Federation “Vatra” (The Hearth), which was one of the most influential voices of Albanian nationalism and protected the rights of the Albanians in the United States and the world, and Logo of the newspaper “Dielli” (the Sun) – published by Vatra, the Pan-Albanian Federation of America, and The first Albanian Parliament (now the building of the Academy of Sciences) building at right