Algeria P-138 / 200 Dinars 1992 – UNC




Issued by Bank al-Djazair
Period People’s Democratic Republic (1962-date)
Date 21.05.1992
Size 140 x 70 mm
Printer Bank of Algeria
Watermark Vertically repeated heads of a horse
Security features Watermark. Consecutively running black horizontal serial and block numbers on one side of the banknote. Vertical, segmented (windowed), 1 mm wide security thread (along with the serial number) fluorescing in blue on the exposed side of the banknote, and parts of the design fluorescing in red while being exposed to an ultraviolet light
Front Qur’anic (Koranic) school, Ilm al-Kalãm
Reverse Djamaa el Kebir – Great Mosque at the Rue de la Marine in Algiers. Decorative Koranic patterns, motifs and symbols. Branches of fig and olive trees