Armenia P-60 / 500 Dram 2017 – UNC




Issued by Central Bank of the Republic of Armenia
Period Republic (1991-date)
Commemorative Issue Noah’s Ark
Size 140 x 76 mm
Printer Giesecke & Devrient (Germany) – G&D
Watermark Noah’s Ark and electrotype 500
Signatures Tigran Sargsyan & Vardan Khachatryan
Front The reliquary with a fragment of Noah’s Ark; on the background a fragment of the “View of Ararat and the Monastery of Etchmiadzin” woodcut (F. Parrot, “Journey to Ararat”)
Reverse An image by the motifs of the “Leaving the Ark” woodcut by J. Carolsfeld; on the background – the Mount Ararat