Australia P-44e / 5 Dollars 1985 – UNC




Issued by Reserve Bank of Australia
Issue ND (1974-1994) “Australia” Issue
Size 152 x 76 mm
Printer Note Printing Australia, Melbourne (Australia) – NPA
Watermark Capt. James Cook
Signatures Johnston & Fraser
Obverse British botanist Sir Joseph Banks (1743 – 1820). Collage of unique Australian flora with Banksia plant and seed pods drawings.
Reverse Caroline Chisholm (30 May 1808 – 25 March 1877) was a progressive 19th-century English humanitarian known mostly for her involvement with female immigrant welfare in Australia. Sydney foreshore in 1848. Cover of the “Shipping Gazette”.
Watercolour of the Waverley. Handbill of a meeting of the Family Colonization Loan Society (located at her home in Charlton Crescent in Islington). Mini portraits of women and children. Ballarat – barque sailing ship. Emigrants proceeding in the “Mariner”.