Bosnia and Herzegovina P-59 / 1 Konvertibilna Marka 1998 – UNC


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Issued by Centralna Banka Bosne i Hercegovine
Issue ND (1998) & 2002 Individual Issues for each the Croatian and Serbian Part of the Country
Size 120 x 59 mm
Printer Francois-Charles Oberthur Fiduciaire (France) – FCOF
Watermark Central bank monogram repeated vertically
Obverse Franciscan writer Ivan Franjo Jukić (aka Slavoljub Bošnjak) (1818-1857)
Reverse he Radimlja necropolis, or Stećak fragment, is a monumental medieval tombstones near the city of Stolac
Remark Bank name and denomination in Latin letters on top (Croatian issue)