Brazil P-218b / 10 Cruzados Novos 1990 – UNC




Issued by Banco Central do Brasil
Issue ND (1989) Overprint “Cruzado Novo” Provisional Issue
Size 154 x 74 mm
Printer Casa da Moeda (Brazil) – CdM
Watermark Candido Torquato Portinari
Series A4172 – A4502
Signatures Maílson Ferreira Da Nóbrega & Wadico Waldir Bucchi
Obverse Portrait of Carlos Ribeiro Justiniano das Chagas (1879-1934), based on a photo from 1931, with, on the left, an engraving representing a classic scheme of the evolutionary cycle of the protozoan Trypanosoma cruzi (the barber).
Reverse Engraving showing Carlos Chagas working in the laboratory
Comment Overprint on Brazil P-215