Brazil P-222 / 500 Cruzados Novos 1990 – UNC




Issued by Banco Central do Brasil
Issue ND (1989-1990) Regular “Cruzado Novo” Issue
Size 140 x 65 mm
Printer Casa da Moeda (Brazil) – CdM
Watermark Republic (Liberty head)
Series A0001 – A3700
Signatures Maílson Ferreira Da Nóbrega & Wadico Waldir Bucchi
Obverse Polychromy in chalcography and offset.
In the right, portrait of scientist Augusto Ruschi (1915-1986), flanked by allegories of flora and fauna, highlighting a representation of Cattleya labiata warneri, an orchid that, with dozens of varieties, is the most typical of Espírito Santo and the largest flower of the genus in Brazil.
Reverse Polychromy in chalcography.
Ruschi examining orchids, highlighting the figure of a hummingbird