Costa Rica P-282 / 5,000 Colones 2018 – UNC




Issued by Banco Central de Costa Rica
Issue 2018 & 2019 “Polymer” Issue. 14.09.2009
Size 139 x 67 mm
Printer Oberthur Technologies (France) – OT
Watermark Portrait of Alfredo González Flores (seen as positive image on darker surfaces, but a negative on lighter surfaces)
Security features See-through feature with Spark live® (SPARK® Orbital™) window and ink with dynamic color change effect with a “shifting ring” in optically variable magnetic ink (OVMI). It is shaped as Costa Rica’s map contour outline. The transparent part of the see-through is shaped like a foliage (leaf) of a mangrove tree. Colour changing ink applications on the transparent window feature. Two consecutively running black vertical and red ascending horizontal serial numbers on the reverse of the banknote. Invisible to the eye coloured hi-lite block with ‘5 MIL’ design located on top of the old B.I.C.R. photo and both serial numbers fluoresce under ultraviolet light. Almost 2 mm wide simulated security thread. Microtext
Tactile feature There is a square-shaped arrangement of nine impressed dots in the bottom left corner of the obverse to enable physical identification of the note for the visually impaired and the blind people. Main colour:
Signatures Rodrigo José Juan Cubero Brealey;  Eduardo Prado Zúñiga
Obverse Alfredo González Flores (1877–1962), President of Costa Rican who served the country from 1914 to 1917. Façade of the Banco Internacional de Costa Rica building in San José (Est. 1914). Previously in its place stood Casa de la Moneda building, which was demolished in 1912
Reverse Mangrove swamp (Manglar). Mono carablanca – White-faced capuchin monkey (Cebus capucinus). Cangrejo marinera – Mangrove crab (Goniopsis pulchra). Mangle colorado – Red mangrove tree (Rhizophora mangle). Two stylized caimans with repeated text “PURA VIDA” written all over them