Croatia P-27 / 100,000 Dinara 1993 – aUNC




Issued by Republika Hrvatska
Issue 1991-1993 “Ruder Bosković” Issue. 30.05.1993
Size 130 x 67 mm
Printer Crane Currency (Sweden) – CC
Watermark Baptismal font
Zoran Jašić (Minister of Finance).
Obverse Ruđer Bošković (1711 – 1787) was a physicist, astronomer, mathematician, philosopher, diplomat, poet, theologian, Jesuit priest, and a polymath from the Republic of Ragusa, today Dubrovnik (Croatia).
Reverse Sculpture “Provijest Hrvata”(1932), also known as Glagolica or Mother Croatia, in Zagreb by sculptor Ivan Meštrović. Provijest Hrvata literally means “the history of the Croats”