Dominican Republic P-120c / 20 Pesos Oro 1987 – UNC




Issued by Banco Central de la República Dominicana
Issue 1977-1988 “Printer TDLR” Issue
Size 156 x 67 mm
Printer Thomas De La Rue & Company, Limited (England) – TDLR
Signatures Luis Julián Pérez / Roberto Saladin
Obverse El Altar de la Patria (The Altar of the Fatherland) – white marble mausoleum in Santo Domingo that houses the remains of the founding fathers of the Dominican Republic: Juan Pablo Duarte, Francisco del Rosario Sánchez, and Ramón Matías Mella, collectively known as Los Trinitarios. Seal of the Central Bank of the Republic. Blossoms of the Mahogany Tree, La caoba (Swietenia mahagoni), formerly (1957-2011) the national flower and now the national tree of the Dominican Republic
Reverse La Puerta del Conde (The Count’s Gate) in Santo Domingo where Francisco del Rosario Sanchez, one of the Dominican Founding Fathers, proclaimed Dominican independence and raised the first Dominican Flag, on the 27th of February 1844