France P-100a / 20 Francs 1943 – UNC




Issued by Banque de France
Issue 1941-1950 Issue. 07.10.1943
Withdrawn 13.11.1950
Size 130 x 80 mm
Printer Banque de France (France) – BF
Watermark Effigy of crowned Anne, Duchess of Brittany (Anne de Bretagne) (1477-1514) in profile
Signatures P. Rousseau (Le Caissier Général), R. Favre-Gilly (Le Secrétaire Général).
Obverse Breton fisherman pulling a rope with a fishing net. Other fishermen in a boat. Sight of the Port of Concarneau. Mythical fish
Reverse Breton women (from Quimper and Pont L’Abbé) carrying baskets of vegetables and fruits holding a girl in arms. Notre Dame de la Joie chapel and Saint Nonna church in Penmarch. Calvaire or Golgotha, a Crucifixion post (calvary) in Penmarc’h, Brittany