France P 94 / 100 Francs 1940 – aUNC


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Issued by Banque de France
Issue 1937-1942 Issue. 23.05.1940
Size 178 x 90 mm
Printer Banque de France (France) – BF
Watermark Mercury and Ceres
Signatures P. Rousseau, R. Favre-Gilly;
Obverse Allegoric laureate woman – France – with child; Aerial view of the heart of Paris and the Notre-Dame;
Reverse Château de Sully-sur-Loire, Loiret, near Orleans, south of Paris; A grazing and tillage scene; French bishop, Bishop of Paris and an architect, Maurice de Sully (1120-1196), who began building Notre Dame de Paris; (Maximilien de Bethune, Baron de Rosny, Duke of Sully?);