French Indochina P-85e / 10 Cents 1939 – UNC


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Issued by Gouvernement Général de l’Indochine
Issue ND (1939) Fractional “Cents” Issue
Size 104 x 53 mm
Printer Imprimerie d’Extrème Orient Hanoi (French Indochina) – IDEO
Signatures Louis Mayet (Le Trésorier Général); Jean Cousin (Le Directeur des Finances)
Obverse Stone relief carving of Apsaras dancing on Bayon temple wall and a live female dancer at Angkor Wat
Reverse People with elephant gathering at a local market.
Comment serial # format XX123.456;
denominations on back in Cambodian, Lao, Chinese and Vietnamese
Remark Apsara are the celestial singers and dancers who inhabit the heavenly realm of the god Indra, the lord of the heavens. Originally water nymphs, the Apsaras provide sensual pleasure for both gods and men. This banknote depicting dancing Apsara as seen in many Khmer temple wall carvings