Germany P-207 / 5 Mark 1934 – UNC (perforation Entwertet)




Issued by Konversionskasse für Deutsche Auslandsschulden
Issue Overprint 1934 Issue. 28.08.1933 – overprint 1934
Size 190 x 110 mm
Printer Bundesdruckerei, Berlin (Germany) – BBG
Remark Perforation: ENTWERTET.
Overprint: On P-199

Germany experienced its greatest depression in the course of the 1929 world economic crisis. In 1933, the transfer of Germany’s foreign debts was placed under the supervision of the Reichsbank by Reich law. All interest and repayment amounts on foreign investments in Germany had to be processed through the »Conversion Fund for German Foreign Debts«. More info about Conversion fund for German foreign debts