Germany P-44b / 1,000 Mark 1910 – aUNC




Issued by Reichsbank
Issue 1910 Issue. 21.04.1910
Size 187 x 110 mm
Security features Consecutively running serial numbers on the obverse and on the reverse. Corrugated paper. Blue filament fibers (hairs) scattered throughout the left portion of the obverse of the banknote.
Signatures 10 total: Havenestein, v. Glasenapp, Schmiedicke, Koml, Karou, v. Lumm, v. Grimm; Kauffmann, Oberfinanzrat Paul Schneider; Hudweis (Reichsbankdirektorium)
Obverse Coat of arms. Floral design
Reverse Allegoric women: Navigation holding a paddle and Agriculture holding a cornucopia, both embracing German national arms
Remark 44b = 7 digit serial #