Greece P-130a / 25,000,000 Drachmai 1944 – aUNC (small serial)




Issued by Trapeza Tis Ellados
Issue 1944 Issue. 10.08.1944
Size 140 x 62 mm
Signatures Spyridon Chatzikyriakos (Chief Officer = Deputy Governor, O Dioikitis, 5 April 1943 – 5 October 1944); M. Pierros, Unidentified (Managers, Oi Diefthyntai).
Obverse Obverse and reverse image of an ancient Greek coin “APEI ROTAN” with conjoined busts of Zeus and Dione on one side and a bull on the other
Reverse Decorative framing, guilloche patterns and rosettes
Remark small serial # with prefix letters