Jersey P-11ar / 1 Pounds 1976-1988 – UNC


Jersey P-11ar / 1 Pounds 1976-1988 – UNC (replacement note)



Issued by Treasury of the States of Jersey
Issue ND (1976-1988) Issue
Size 135 x 67 mm
Printer De La Rue, London (England) – DLR
Watermark Jersey cow’s head
Signature J. Clennett
Obverse Queen Elizabeth II; Coat of arms (Three leopards) of Jersey.
Fan-leaved Buttercup; Jersey Buttercup (Ranunculus paludosus Poiret).
Reverse Battle of Jersey. The Death of Major Pierson (6 January 1781) oil painting by John Singleton Copley, painted in 1783. It depicts the death of Major Francis Peirson in the Battle of Jersey on 6 January 1781
Watermark Replacement note, prefix: ZB