Laos P-27br / 10 Kip 1979 – UNC


Laos P-27br / 10 Kip 1979 – UNC (replacement note)



Issued by Bank of the Lao Peoples Democratic Republic
Issue ND (1979) & 1988-2015 Issue
Size 114 x 56 mm
Watermark Hammer & sickle with star
Obverse Workers loading logs onto machine in lumber mill; coat of arms.
Reverse Nurse with stethoscope; doctors performing surgery.
Remark 27br = correct spelling of denomination and currency on back (without white dots within the diacritical marks – reads “Kip”).
Series DA. Replacement notes: Prefix Prefix ZA, CA, or DA 5,000,001 to 5,113,200.