North Korea P-10Ab / 10 Won 1947 – UNC


North Korea P-10Ab / 10 Won 1947 – UNC



Issued by North Korea Central Bank
Issue 1947 Issue
Size 138 x 74 mm
Obverse Peasant with hoe and worker holding a sledge-hammer, Factory chimneys symbolizing “bright future” of the nation
Reverse Kumgang Mountain
Remark 8 blue lines between characters at lower front / oval in Korean word “Won” at upper left on back

The original series of 1947 was printed by the Soviet Union and had watermark of a symmetrical pattern.
In the 1990s the North Korean government realised there were very few remaining banknotes of this series, which had made them very valuable. The government then decided to make an enormous amount of reprints in order to make a profit from foreign collectors. These reprints do not have a watermark.