North Korea P-42s / 50 Won 1992 – UNC


North Korea P-42s / 50 Won 1992 – UNC (specimen)

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Issued by Central Bank of the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea
Issue 1992-2007 Issue
Size 146 x 70 mm
Watermark Torch of Juche Ideology Tower.
Obverse Tower of the Juche Idea (1982, 170m high) in Pyongyang. In front of the tower is a 30 metre high statue
consisting of three figures – one with a hammer, one with a sickle and one with a writing brush (an idealised worker, a peasant and a working intellectual). Young industry professionals. Coat of arms.
Reverse Fir trees with Mt. Paekdu (Baekdu, Paektu, Changbai) and Baekdudaegan mountain range in the background
Remark specimen