Afghanistan P-61c / 1000 afghanis 1991 – UNC




Issued by Da Afghanistan Bank
Date SH 1370 (1991)
Printer Thomas de la Rue, London
Size 163 x 70 mm
Front Mosque of Mazar-e-Sharif (The Noble Shrine).

The Blue Mosque, also known as Shrine of Hazrat Ali, is a mosque located in the center of Mazar-i-Sharif, Afghanistan.  According to Islamic tradition, the remains of  Ali bin Abi Talib Al-Balkhi, cousin and son-in-law of the Prophet Mohammed, are preserved here.

Reverse Royal Gardens and Victory Arch, Paghman

The Taq-e Zafar (in English: Arch of Victory) is a triumphal arch located in Paghman, near Kabul. This monument commemorates the Anglo-Afghan Treaty of 1919 and Afghan independence after the defeat of the British in 1919.