Argentina P-262 / 1 Peso 1951 – aUNC




Issued by Banco Central de la República Argentina
Period Federal Republic (1861-date)
Date L. 12.962 & 13.571
Demonetized 29.12.1962
Size 129 x 66 mm
Printer Casa de Moneda de la Nación (Argentina) – CMN
Signatures Bosio & Gomez Morales
Watermark 4 windows, reverse right to left AR. Inside wreath two hands holding staff with liberty hat on top.Under Un Peso 1 Peso. inside frame at left, small RA
Front Effigy of progress (a seated woman representing the republic who rests her right hand on a plate with the Argentine coat of arms while holding a lit torch with her left)
Reverse Green design showing the Argentine coat of arms, texts and a representation of laurels as the predominant theme