Brazil P-233c / 10,000 Cruzeiros 1993 – UNC


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Issued by Banco Central do Brasil
Issue ND (1990-1993) Regular “Cruzeiro” Issue
Size 140 x 65 mm
Printer Casa da Moeda (Brazil) – CdM
Watermark Vital Brazil Mineiro da Campanha
Series A6938 – A7365
Signatures Paulo Roberto Haddad & Gustavo Jorge Laboissière Loyola
Obverse Effigy of scientist Vital Brazil Mineiro da Campanha (1865-1950), with the left, engraving that represents a classic scene of venom extraction, basic task for the production of serums.
Reverse Chalkboard panel showing an ancient serpentarium, with emphasis on the scene of a muslin snake that devours a jararaca.