Brazil P-232c / 5,000 Cruzeiros 1993 – UNC




Issued by Banco Central do Brasil
Issue ND (1990-1993) Regular “Cruzeiro” Issue
Size 140 x 65 mm
Printer Casa da Moeda (Brazil) – CdM
Watermark Republic (Liberty head)
Series A5502 – A6041
Signatures Paulo Roberto Haddad & Gustavo Jorge Laboissière Loyola
Obverse Portrait of Antônio Carlos Gomes (1836-1896), having, on the left, three figures that are part of the existing monument next to the Municipal Theater of São Paulo, which represent O Guarani, Salvador Rosa and O Escravo, three of his most important operas .
Reverse On the right, a statue of Carlos Gomes seated that is part of the monument already mentioned on the obverse and, on the left, a piano that belonged to the honoree.