Central African States P-404Lb / 5,000 Francs 1995 – UNC (Gabon)



Issued by Banque des États de l’Afrique Centrale
Issue ND (1993-2002) Issue
Code L
Size 160 x 80 mm
Printer Banque de France (France) – BF
Watermark Head of an oil rig worker in hardhat
Signatures Jean Félix Mamalepot & Ludovic Ognagna
Security features Watermark. Running serial numbers. BEAC globe logo fluorescing under ultraviolet light. Segmented 3 mm wide security thread
Obverse Map of the Central African States. Oil rig workers in hardhats with drill. Flare stack. Oil tanker. Oil towers. Oil derricks
Reverse African women and men carrying cotton in baskets and cloth bundles. Straw huts