Cuba P-79b / 10 Pesos 1960 – UNC




Issued by Banco Nacional de Cuba
Issue 1949-1960 Issue
Size 157 x 66 mm
Printer American Bank Note Company (U.S.A.) – ABNC
Signatures Felipe Pazos Roque & Rufo López Fresquet
Obverse Carlos Manuel de Céspedes
Reverse Arms
Comment Carlos Manuel de Céspedes was a lawyer, poet landlord and revolutionary born at Cuba island, while it was under Spanish colony regime. H led the “10 Years War”, first main movement against colonial regime of Spain.

On 1868 he freed all his slaves, and invited them to join to fight towards to gain Cuban Independence.

Was first President of  “República de Cuba en Armas” (Republic of Cuba in weapons).

On 1870 his son is captured by Spanish forces, and they offer his liberation, if Céspedes stops his actions towards Cuban indepoendence. His response «Dígale al general Caballero de Rodas que Oscar no es mi único hijo : soy el padre de todos los cubanos que han muerto por la Revolución» (Say to General Caballero of Rodas that Oscar is no my only child: I am father of all Cubans who have died for the Revolution), caused his son be executed, and for this action Cubans gave him the title Father of the Homeland.