Cuba P-80b / 20 Pesos 1958 – UNC




Issued by Banco Nacional de Cuba
Issue 1949-1960 Issue
Size 157 x 66 mm
Printer American Bank Note Company (U.S.A.) – ABNC
Signatures Joaquín Martínez Sáenz & Alejandro Herrera Arango
Obverse Antonio Maceo
Reverse Arms
Comment Antonio Maceo, “The Bronze Titan” (nickname given for being wounded over 20 times in battle) was born at Santiago de Cuba. Was a Cuban general reached second-in-command of Cuban Independence Army, that fought for several years.

He adopted the fight style of Máximo Gómez, using “machete” as sword, mainly owing to lack of fire weapons an ammunition on the time.

Is mostly known for the “Protesta de  Baraguá” (Baraguá Protest), when he did not accept the terms of the Zanjón Pact, that ended the Ten Years War, as he understood the targets of the Revolution were not included: abolition of slavery and independence of Cuba.

His attitude is reflected in this quote:  “That (country) which attempts to seize Cuba, will gather the dust of its ground soaked in blood, if he does not perish in fight.”