Cuba P-92 / 5 Pesos 1960 – UNC


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Issued by Banco Nacional de Cuba
Issue 1958-1960 Issue
Size 156 x 66 mm
Printer American Bank Note Company (U.S.A.) – ABNC
Signatures Felope Pazos Roque & Rufo López Fresquet
Obverse Máximo Gómez
Reverse Arms
Comment Máximo Gómez y Báez, born at the current Dominican Republic on 1836, that at the moment was the Independent State of Spanish Haiti, under domination of Haiti (French side).
At 16 years old, joined Dominican Army to fight against Haitian occupation, and when Santo Domingo (the island name) re-joined Spain as colony, he passed to Spanish Army. Fought against Revolutionaries who wanted to regain their independence from Spain, and after victory of independents, moved to Cuba.At Cuba suffered the oppression of Spanish Army, so joined to Cuban revolutionaries. Owing to his knowledge of tactics and strategies very soon was named Major General by President Céspedes.

He is famous for having commanded the first “Carga al Machete” (Machete attack), which is represented on obverse.

Was named War Secretary, and General Chief (that he refused), and owing to his sight of problems within the Cuban forces, decided to leave and went to Jamaica. Later resided at Honduras, where had high positions in the local army and government, and then went to Costa Rica, where took contact with Antonio Maceo, joined Martí cause, and on 1895 signed the Montecristi Manifesto.