Federal Republic of Germany P-29 / 2 Deutsche Mark 1967 – UNC



Issued by Bundesrepublik Deutschland
Issue ND (1967) Issue
Size 100 x 60 mm
Printer Bundesdruckerei, Berlin (Germany) – BBG
Remark Not issued
Standard Catalog of World Paper Money indicates printed for use in a coin shortage that never developed.
Bank Note Museum has a more exotic explanation: Produced in order to be prepared in case of a military attack from Eastern Europe.
Assuming that in case of a successful invasion the enemy would take possession of the Deutsche Mark notes, all regular DM-notes would have been immediately declared no longer valid. “Bundeskassenscheine” were to be circulated instead, in order to supply the population with sufficient cash for their daily basic needs. Bundeskassenscheine would have been of course not redeemable on an international level. The existence of Bundeskassenscheine was kept secret and was not known to the public until a few examples were stolen and offered to collectors.