Greece P-202 / 1,000 Drachmai 1987 – UNC




Issued by Trapeza Tis Ellados
Issue 1984-1987 “Drachmes” Issue. 01.07.1987
Size 158 x 77 mm
Printer Idryma Trapezis tis Ellados, (Greece) – ITE
Watermark Head of Charioteer of Delphi (Heniokhos), commissioned by Polyzalus, Delphi Archaeological Museum
Obverse Bust of Apollon of Olympia. On the bottom left centre, Ancient Greek silver coin, Tetradrachm from Olympia, Elis (Obverse: Laureate head of Zeus & Reverse: Eagle standing right on Ionic capital).
Reverse Temple of Hera at Ancient Olympia and Discobolus by Myron of Eleutherae (discus thrower).